Application characteristics and scope of pour point depressant

Application characteristics and scope of pour point depressant

Application characteristics

Diesel pour point depressant can rapidly reduce the freezing point of diesel oil, effectively refine wax crystal, reduce cold filter point, and further improve the low-temperature fluidity of oil products. It is a new generation of high-tech products.

The product has excellent low-temperature dispersity and fluidity, as well as good oxygen and corrosion resistance and high-temperature cleanliness, which can effectively prevent high-temperature oxidation of oil products and corrosion of pistons.

At present, the technology has been upgraded to the second generation products. In order to distinguish the first generation products, it is renamed as the second generation diesel anticoagulant. The world's leading high-precision full synthesis technology from Germany, compared with the first generation of common diesel pour point depressant, the high applicability of the second generation of diesel pour point depressant has revolutionary significance. It can effectively reduce the cold filter point and condensation point of diesel, improve the low-temperature flow performance of diesel, ensure the smooth cold start of engine, and effectively solve the problems of driving, storage and transportation caused by sudden temperature drop and cross regional driving.

Scope of application

It is applicable to all diesel engines, including light diesel for compression ignition engines such as trucks, tractors, diesel locomotives, construction machinery, ships and generator sets.

It is mainly used as 0\: diesel additive to reduce the freezing point of diesel by 15-30 ℃. The cold filtration is reduced by 4-12 ℃, so as to improve the low temperature flow point of diesel. The purpose is to expand the diesel fraction, improve the diesel collection efficiency, and increase the efficiency of the refinery.

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