Guidelines on paint whitening in winter

1、 Causes of paint whitening:

1. The high moisture content of the plate causes whitening. The reasons for the high moisture content of the plate are as follows: firstly, the moisture content of the purchased plate is high; The second is that the moisture content of the purchased plates is increased due to the moisture of the surrounding environment.

2. During construction, the humidity is high and the temperature is low, and the water vapor is not easy to release, causing whitening.

3. The construction is too thick, and the moisture in the plate is not easy to release, resulting in water vapor accumulated in the paint film and causing whitening.

4. The surrounding humidity is high and the temperature is low. The water vapor infiltrates into the paint film and accumulates in the paint film, causing whitening.

5. Paint with more powder and poor transparency shall be used.

In general, paint whitening is caused by a variety of reasons.

The whitening in winter in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan and Fujian is mainly caused by the imbalance between the moisture content of the plate and the surrounding environment, the mutual penetration of moisture, and the accumulation of moisture in the paint film.

2、 Treatment of paint whitening:

1. For whitening caused by water vapor, blow slowly around the whitening points with an air duct for a few minutes, and the whitening symptoms will be eliminated. With the rise of temperature and the decrease of humidity, the moisture content of the plate and the surrounding will be balanced, and finally the whitening will be reduced, and the slight whitening will be eliminated.

2. For the whitening that cannot be eliminated, it is recommended to use the following methods: brush the whitening water provided by the company on the whitening surface to ensure that the surface is in a wet state for 1~3 hours, so that the whitening water can penetrate into the paint film for a long time, so as to bring out the water; After 1~3 hours, clean the surface of the paint film. After the paint film is dry, polish it and then apply the paint again. The whitening phenomenon can be eliminated.

(Note: when the method shown in 2 is adopted for treatment, * the treatment shall be carried out after the humidity and temperature have returned to normal, otherwise the whitening may occur again. The whitening will not occur again until the moisture content of the plate and the outside reaches equilibrium.)

3、 Prevention of paint whitening:

1. Select plates with low moisture content, generally less than 12%, and about 10% as far as possible. The purchased plates shall be well cared for, and the moisture content shall not rise due to moisture. The plates with good conditions shall be dried before painting.

2. Do not work under high humidity and low temperature.

3. Do not be too thick during construction, especially do not apply thick paint at one time, especially do not use the construction method of pouring paint.

4. Select primer with low powder and good transparency. Generally, the primer contains fillers, which are hydrophilic and easier to combine with water. The primer with good transparency does not contain fillers or contains less fillers.

5. Strengthen after-sales service. Use more guidance to guide them to construct correctly* Be able to test the moisture content of the board before the paint construction (the market price of the wood moisture tester is more than 200 yuan).