Types and development trend of ashless dispersants

Ashless dispersant is the main additive of lubricating oil and fuel oil, and there are many kinds of dispersants, mainly including polyisobutylene butadiene phthalimide and polyisophthalide

Isobutylene succinic acid vinegar, amine saving, ashless phosphoric acid vinegar, high molecular weight ashless dispersant and boron modified ashless dispersant, etc. Overview in the text

Several ashless dispersants and their main manufacturers at home and abroad were introduced; At the same time, it is pointed out that with the engine working requirements and environmental protection regulations

High viscosity index dispersants have become a research trend. In addition, ashless dispersants are required to have good dispersity at the same time

It also needs good anti-oxidation, anti-wear and rubber compatibility.

Keywords ashless dispersant lubricating oil fuel oil additive

The development of ashless dispersant is closely related to the development of modern automobile industry. In the 1940s and 1950s, due to the increase of foreign cars, the

In particular, the sharp increase of cars in the United States has aggravated environmental pollution and urban traffic congestion. In order to reduce air pollution, the

A positive pressure intake and exhaust (PCV) system is used to bring acid substances into the fuel tank, which puts forward higher requirements for the oil performance of internal combustion engines

requirement. The traffic jam makes the cars running in the city often run at low speed and stop and open. In this case, the automobile

The temperature of crankcase oil decreases, which makes it difficult for fuel hydrocarbon and moisture (moisture) to be discharged from the lubricating oil and makes the paint film and oil sludge deposit

Generate trend increase. A large amount of water vapor generated is partially condensed to generate a large amount of emulsified oil sludge, which blocks the pipeline and filter screen,

Seriously affect the normal use of crankcase oil. For the above reasons, since the 1960s, both lubricating oil and fuel oil have used ashless

The dispersant solves the problem of oil sludge, thus ensuring the normal operation of the vehicle.

1 type of ashless dispersant

There are many kinds of ashless dispersants, mainly including polyisobutylene succinimide, polyisobutylene succinate, amine saving, ashless phosphoric acid vinegar, etc,

In recent years, high molecular weight ashless dispersant and boron modified ashless dispersant have been developed.

2.1 polyisobutylene succinimide ashless dispersant polyisobutylene succinimide is widely used and most used

Dispersant, the world's major additive companies have regular products. Basically, it can be divided into three categories, namely, monoisobutylene succinphthalimide and BIS

Polyisobutylene succinphthalimide, polyisobutylene succinphthalimide.

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